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Maremegmeg Beach and the adjacent Dolarog Beach have almost 10 kilometers of continuous white sand and rock beachfront frontage with 12 hectares of public beach and is one of the most popular beaches in El Nido due to the excellent sunset views, good swimming areas, a beach vibe that’s uniquely El Nido’s due to its various bars, restaurants and resorts along the beachfront.

The public beach runs along Corong Corong before running into Vanilla Beach and all the way to Dolarog Beach.

Often called Las Cabanas Beach after a local resort, this is the best beach closest to El Nido town that one can actually swim and has a rockin’ sunset bar scene centered around its various bars ans restaurants (a zipline flies over the waters between the mainland and an offshore island).

Parking is available Vanilla Beach and amenities include restrooms at nearby restaurants and bars.


Turn around the Las Cabanas Resort at the end of Maremegmeg Beach and you’ll be in Dolarog beach and right in front is the beautiful Pinagbuyutan Island where the South Africa and other episodes of the popular TV Series “Survivor” has been held every year for the past 5 years.

Pinagbuyutan Island as seen from Dolarog Beach

Pinagbuyutuan Beach up close



”There is only one reality show has outlasted all its competitors. It has been called the greatest game on earth (for most participants in each country’s franchise), it is a adventure of a lifetime; just like the 18 Survivor South Africa where the Philippines castaways will be

exposed to the beauty of thousands of islands connected by Pacific waters, each one home to distinct forests and bays which are teeming with indigenous wildlife, both beautiful and dangerous.  This season of Survivor, will showcase the beauty of the El Nido Islands in the Philippines.”


“just another day at the beach”. Vanilla Beach is a collection of homegrown shops and restaurants. Here’s where you’ll find taste-makers, travelers and everyone in between coming for a mix of local scene and breathtaking scenery- or what we call just another day at the beach. 

“The Vanilla Beach Club and Hotel is a five hectare travel destination emerging from the lush coast of El Nido, Palawan. This beach front property is composed of a beach club and more than 50 units of retail shops.

Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Beach El Nido Property!

Trip Advisor’s #23 Top Beach’s in Asia

Sunset – This beach has stunning sunsets. Most of the year the best spot will be at Las Cabanas which is located along the beach and TRex Bar at Lexias Hostel located on top of Maremegmeg Beach (5 minutes hike up a concrete trail from the beach). The beach bars along the beach will have great views too when the sun sets somewhere at Depeldet Island.

Sunset at TRex Bar/Resto @ Lexias Hostel El Nido

Sunset at the Infinity Swimming pool @ Lexias Hostel El Nido


Vanilla Beach Parking Lot Accessible via Tricycle rides from El Nido town


Beach sports (Kayaking, stand surf boards) and full moon festivals also take place throughout the year for visitors and residents to enjoy. Each evening there’s a sunset session. During the day snorkeling with turtles, kayaking, and enjoy a great swimming beach. Kayak Stand up board Swimming

Bar-hopping Beach sports

Facilities Motor Bike/Bike Path Access and parking Concession Stands Restaurants/Bars Restrooms

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