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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Dip into this: awesome infinity pool above El Nido’s Maremegmeg Beach with views that’ll take your breath away!

Take a dip in El Nido’s most breathtaking infinity pool at Lexias Hostel El Nido!

There really is nothing like as getting a high as getting wet on a glittering infinity pool. That double-take moment where you have to check that the sky hasn’t actually melted into a horizon. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate infinity pool in El Nido to really knock your sandals off (beach views and cocktail sundowners included) or you simply want to up your Instagram feed with a “wow” effect – you’ve come to the exact place.

THE BEST INFINITY POOL OVERLOOKING MAREMEGMEG BEACH! Set hillside on the edge overlooking the majestic Baquit Bay, Lexias Hostel El Nido and its small but adequate infinity pool looks as if it hangs over the edge of the lush green forest and foliage of Maremegmeg gorge. Take a dip here and you’ll easily lose yourself in the calmness of the tropical green jungle all around you, or lounge poolside and wait till sunset when the sky turns a celebration of colors-orange, deep vanilla, red and blue!

Seated on the edge of of a hill that divides green & nature on one side and the whole expanse of Baquit Bay on the other side. It’s a glorious meeting of a rustic hostel with Mother Nature, where cosy Nipa Hut and sun lounges surrounds the pool. Where the pool edge meets nearby Nipa hut and the treetops, you’ll feel like you’re on a “stairway to the sky”. Simply cosy up in the chic poolside gazebo bar; enjoy a cocktail and gaze the day away

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