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Best Bars and Nightlife in El Nido Palawan Island

El Nido has a chilled-out nightlife scene with a good number of bars and beach bars. You actually have choices which crowd you wanna get together with-busy and noisy; then you have a choice of a cool chill-out bar overlooking Baquit Bay and watch amazing sunsets, listen to Solumon-like music with your favorite cocktail and ice-cold beer!.

One sunset bar above Maremegmeg Beach offers some of the best views of any establishment in El Nido. Some of the island’s most spectacular viewpoints are along the winding, hilly road from Corong Corong to Vanilla Beach. This is where you’ll find TRex Bar at Lexias Hostel El Nido, just beside the island’s longest zipline. Expect plenty of the crowd dressed here in shorts and t-shirts (some shirt-less but who cares!).

TRex Sundowners Bar

The direction is up quite a long and steep hill from Maremegmeg Beach, (or from the main road beside the main entrance to Vanilla Beach) so getting to this bar is a little bit of a challenge, requiring either a motor bike (from the main road) or some impressive leg endurance (from the beach). However, the sunset is even more breathtaking than the climb, making the place well worth a visit.

Catch sunset on its glorious descent towards the deep-blue sea within a rustic bamboo and grass bar overlooking the famed Baquit Bay. The menu and drinks list features a good list of cocktails at just about reasonable prices, a bottled beer selection and international dishes. The main focus at TRex Bar menu is Mexican Wraps, burgers, pasta & seafood. Here, you can order Deep-fried shrimp in chili peppers or a Tuna Steak in lime juice and you’ll get the best out of the place. It’s nowhere near fine dining but in a setting such as this, and at prices that everybody loves for a tourist destination, you can dine and drink for less expensive rates as at other touristy bars. All in all, this place offers good value for the money with one glaringly obvious upside-those fabulous sunset views overlooking Baquit Bay.

TRex Bar sports low wood tables and bamboo lounge chairs spread over a terrace with a 180-degrees view of Baquit bay and gives everybody a stunning sunset-gazing; with cool clean music playing chill-out tunes every night until 11pm.

And if this is your trip-have the ultimate high-enjoy your drinks at the hostel’s wood deck beside its infinity swimming pool-with the same amazing sunset views or bet your day’s alcohol budget at the billiard table.

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