lexias hostel el nido coworking beach

Feel free to dream, fulfill a goal, screw-up, renovate, create, scale-up, restore, and live a life + biz.


Learn the skill of creative networking.

Teach or be taught.

Meet your next business partner… or soulmate.

Eat while watching the colors of inspiring sunsets. 

Drink all you can coffee or tea.

Journey to islands, seas or beyond yourself.



El Nido is dazzlingly wonderful, life-transforming + wickedly fun.





Generally, El Nido is profoundly distant. The culture, beliefs, timezone, government, and the universal unknown can be daunting.

No worries…this is what makes El Nido deeply extraordinary.

We get it – That’s why we go out of our way — to provide cheap, clean & comfortable Dormitory beds & Private rooms…and tents.
















The magic comes-out from the mindset & attitude you share…and gain, the friends & collaborators you make…and build, the colleagues you discover…and uncover, the ideas you can learn …and spread!

We provide proficient guidance and efficient process tailor-made for individuals + groups for memorable adventures & discoveries.

For curious creatives, corporate escapees that had come to explore a new way of living, risk-taking, and downshifting.

lexias hostel el nido coworking space
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