Bolabog Beach

Nestled in the windy side of Boracay, a different part of the island can be explored. Experience Bulabog Beach – a paradise for Wind and Kite Surfers from all over the World.

Bulabog beach is not as popular as White Beach but it has a different charm that attracts water sports and adventure enthusiasts around the globe.

Just like the White Beach area, Bulabog Beach is long but the trees are closer to the water line and the sand is not sugar fine. When the wind is not strong which is normally from July to October, the Beach is often deserted which will allow you to experience a different side of Boracay.

What makes this beach perfect for water adventure seekers? This is the side of Boracay where the wind is stronger, averaging 15-25 knots and sometimes reaches 30 knots high. World’s Top wind surfing enthusiast converge here almost every year to participate in the Boracay International Funboard Cup. Water Sports in Boracay starts in November and ends in May but it’s best to visit the island from December to February where the wind is consistently at it’s best.


Puka Beach

Puka Beach, a Quiet Place to Get Away from the Crowds on Boracay.

Puka  Beach which takes its name from the small Puka Shells found there,  is on the northern end of the island in Barangay Yapak. The sand is alot rougher here than the powdery sand making up White Beach, but it is worth the trek just to get away from the crowd at the more popular and crowded White Beach